дневникът на djidji

You have reached djidji’s place on the web. Feel free to poke around, but please don’t break anything ;-)
Fisheye portrait in the hotel bathroom
djidji.perroto is Ivailo Djilianov’s alternate personality (oh, and they’re both Gemini). Djidji likes music, photography, books, quality-time with his friends and family, hiking in the mountains, x-country biking, fly fishing. Ivailo is a computer nerd who spends his time between the laptop screen and the occasional TV soccer game, has funny ideas about IT business and taking over the world. Like I said, this is djidji’s place on the web, but Ivailo keeps showing up too.

You can continue reading my personal blog (mostly in Bulgarian) or check out my various photo galleries.
I maintain a list of useful applications for Mac OS X which has now evolved into a separate blog of its own, at etosx.blogspot.com.

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